Children's Eyecare Services

We offer Free exams for infants 6-12 months old…..Why?

A number of visual problems can be prevented or easily corrected if caught early. To determine if your child has any significant ocular health or vision disorders that could potentially cause vision loss, please feel free to check out the national website:

Free Preschool Screening

  • Preschool children ages 3-6 years old who are not yet in the 1st grade are eligible.
  • 15 minute evaluation.
  • The evaluation will check more than just distance vision, including:
  • Far and near acuity
  • Focusing accuracy at near
  • Eye focusing at distance
  • Two-eyed coordination
  • Eye movement
  • Depth perception

If a vision problem is detected, your child should get a complete vision exam to determine exactly what care or treatment is necessary.

Behavioral Optometric Exam

More than 70{808ea8aae12b1be06ceaee2f49bf133e83156fa4da3de7aabdcadeb1e30d9eca} of your child’s learning experience comes from visual input. The basic “Snellen” test required by most schools measures distant vision. However, this gives no information about your child’s ability to focus, proper eye movements, visual attention, two-eyed coordination, close vision, and other skills needed for visual and scholastic success.

“20/20 vision may suggest that your child can “see” but tells you nothing about their ability to assimilate and learn from that clear visual image. Many of these visual problems are manifested as learning problems. In addition to checking for 20/20 vision, Behavioral Optometrists evaluate how a child is able to use his or her vision, evaluating the child’s sensory-motor integration and visual perceptual abilities, which are essential skills to reading, learning, as well as being successful in sports.

Check out these sights to find more information on Behavioral Optometry:

Vision Therapy

At ABC Vision Source, we are specially trained in vision therapy should your child have a vision discrepancy that can’t be corrected with lenses alone. Through vision therapy, many patients have been able to overcome visual problems, improve school performance and athletic performance, and even prevent the need for full time glasses. A complete eye exam is necessary to determine if vision therapy is an appropriate treatment for your child’s vision condition To hear success stories from children and parents that have been through vision therapy, visit:

Myopia Control

Children’s vision can change very fast during their pre-teen and teen years, and it is during this time that we generally see their prescription increase. At ABC Vision source, we will prescribe lenses to try and prevent your child’s nearsightedness from increasing. This can be done with glasses, including bifocals or reading glasses, or with RGP contact lenses. Whether we recommend glasses or contacts will depend on your child’s level of nearsightedness and ability to take on the responsibility of contact lenses.

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